ASD 32 cm Skillet Wok + Glass Cover


  • Teflon Non-stick Coating: World NO.1 from USA (100% Food Safe)
  • Deep Depth Skillet Wok: Most Ideal For Asian Stir-Fry Cooking
  • See-Through Tempered Glass Cover FOr Cooking Convenience
  • Sturdy, Heat Resistant Handle
  • Phenolic “Stay-cool” Handle: Handing Convenience
  • Tempered Glass Cover: Heat & Break Resistant
  • Sliver Spiral Base: Fast & Even Heat Distribution
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The best cookware companion you can have is this functional 32cm skillet wok. The deep, curved sides of the frying pan help in quicker warming of food and liquids and you can use it to cook or reheat absolutely anything you want. Fry eggs, fish, sausages, potatoes and more, or use it for french toast, scrambled eggs and easy slide-off omelettes. The tempered glass cover is heat and break resistant for the hustle and bustle in the kitchen. They feature the very latest technology in non stick coatings and is 100% food safe.

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Weight 2.0 kg

Stainless steel




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